Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: The use of virtual memory allows an application process to have its own address space to work with while assuming that it has a contiguous memory block available to use, while the physical memory allocated to the process may be fragmented or can be located on different media. The use of virtual memory facilitates the development of large applications while also optimizing their use of physical memory. A virtual memory implementation in a computer system requires support from the processor.

This support is present in a processor in the form of Memory Management Unit (MMU). This unit is responsible for virtual-to-physical memory address translation and also performs a number of memory related function such as memory protection and bus arbitration (Comer, 2007).


The improvement in the performance of computer systems is not only because of a higher clock speed but also because a number of different techniques and technologies that have been incorporated in the CPU. These include the use of Reduced Instruction Set (RISC) with has also evolved over the years to include instructions which can perform complex tasks in fewer processor cycles, use of pipelining which allows the processor to work with multiple instruction per cycle and also reduces the time required to execute a set of instructions, Cache memory which stores the most frequent data within the processor die on a high speed chip as well as the use of virtual memory. Though major architecture changes have been brought in, in the recent years; however, all the architecture rely on these basic techniques and their improvements to further improve the performance of the systems.

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