Sample Term Paper

Brand an intangible identity of a product:

To start with a web traffic plan it is strategically crucial for a company to have an effective branding strategy campaign. Now what is a Brand? Brand is specified as an intangible identity of a product such as signs, symbols or a mixture of these.

This involves consumer’s perception about the particular brand, which can be an asset or an obligation to a company. For a company, it is very important that whether the brand is able to create value for customers or not. As long as value creation is in place, branding is considered successful and beneficial for a company. Then we must consider how valued or popular a specific brand is i.e. measuring the reliability of a brand, for instance, customers’ reliability towards the product or product’s sophistication. This is however related to consumers’ associative reference towards a brand, which means how much a consumer is associated with the brand (Chiang et al. 2008).

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