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There Are No Children Here Book Review – There Are No Children Here is the source for this essay. The book’s backdrop is a war-torn region of America vulnerable to drug smuggling. Numerous gangs have emerged, and each one seeks to rule the area. This quest for domination has led to several gun conflicts, the deaths of gang members, and the accidental shooting of innocent bystanders in the neighborhood. The narrative review in this essay demonstrates how the book has affected my life. Additionally, it provides character evaluations for several of the book’s characters and the lessons they have taught me.

There Are No Children Here Book Review – Character Assessment

Many people have learned valuable lessons about several topics from the book’s characters. Bird Leg is one of these characters. He was Lafayette’s close friend at first. He did, however, team up with the Vice Lords and develop into a “bad lad.”

Even though his mother gave him the finest advice possible, he could not heed it. Finally, Young Disciples gang members shoot him to death. He must be proud of himself. I’ve learned from Bird Leg’s deeds that it’s crucial to take parental guidance, in particular, seriously and with an open mind.

Paul Rivers is another figure whose actions had a profound effect on me. He is LaJoe’s spouse and her children’s father. Paul doesn’t support his family; he spends all his money on drugs. Even though his family struggles to make ends meet, he is constantly intoxicated or hanging out at beer bars. He exhibits a lack of responsibility. He drinks himself stupid even though his family is living in extreme poverty. I have been tremendously influenced by how drug and alcohol misuse affects a person’s family.

Paul could make logical judgments about matters impacting his family if he abstained from drug use or drank in moderation. Consider the housing crisis. Most likely, he could provide them with nicer lodging.

Another figure whose deeds have affected me personally is LaJoe. Despite her husband’s lack of cooperation, she works hard and is a great mother. She has worked to provide for the comfort of her kids and grandkids. She plays a significant part in preserving the closeness of the family that her kid’s value. Her kindness has had a big impression on me.

One must learn to live for others, particularly when it involves a parent-and-child relationship. Since her husband does not provide for their family, she even goes out to play cards to make a living. This comes after her welfare benefits are cut off. Her behavior demonstrates how tenacious and committed she is to providing for her kids.

Pharoah is another character whose actions have had a significant influence on me. He is a very young youngster who has persevered through hardship and was able to leave unfavorable conditions. Despite the peer pressure in the area for guys his age, he can avoid doing narcotics.

He has shown me that it is possible to shine even in the worst circumstances and to stand your ground in the face of intense peer pressure. Additionally, Pharoah has given me faith that I can discover some good in any bird. Despite the waywardness of most people, there is always one person who can fill the void in any community.