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The proposed communication strategy would make use of these sources like advertising, PR, direct mail, and personal selling. TV print media, outdoor, and the internet are identified as the main media. The strategy which has been designed in this section mainly focuses on providing emphasis on the unique selling points of the Toyota Prius and eliminating any doubts that are present in the mind of the target market (Bradley 2009).

Advertising is one of the most important tools when it comes to communication with the customers. Car manufacturers use extensive advertising to project the image and models of their brands (Beauchamp 2006).

Demographic segmentation

According to the survey conducted for this particular assignment the private market is considered as a very lucrative market. The data which was gathered from the respondents are shown below.

  • The consumers can be either male or female aged between 30-50 years mid life.
  • Most of the respondents were married with kids and having family responsibilities.
  • As far as education is concerned they are well educated, affluent and well aware of the environment.
  • They can be categorized in the upper middle class, occupying higher managerial positions.
  • They already own a lower medium car.

These are some of the factors which lead us towards the conclusion that these segments of people are well aware of the environmental hazards and are prepared to purchase it.

Psychographic segmentation

While conducting the market analyses there were three main mindsets which were identified as being potential buyers, these includes

  • Early adopters/ Innovators
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Value cognizant           

Early adopters/ Innovators:

As the name suggests these are the groups of people who are interested in the latest technology and want to experience any innovation that has happened.

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