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The Connection of Corruption

Corruption is connected with various other issues. At a global level, corruption in firms has had a very large part in the creation of current globalization and at a local level corruption has had a very deep impact because it has destabilized the participation of deserving people in getting their rights and made the lives of common people quite difficult. Read the custom essay provided by Buy Online Essays further to learn more about the topic.
It is not easy to measure or even compare corruption, but corruption results in the change or modification of state policies that create unequal trade accords and other policies that favor other nations at the cost of poorer countries.

Global Corruption occurs in most places and it is always the underprivileged who suffer while those who indulge in such practices usually make enough money to last them a lifetime and are assured of a comfortable living for their families for decades to come.

Global Corruption

Global corruption is obvious in Russian because of its continuously pitiable performance in standard international rankings in the business including subjective substantiation such as the fact that doing any sort of business can cost three times more than what it costs in Europe. Although there are corrupt practices in almost all countries in Europe, Russia seems to take the lead in Europe for corrupt business practices.

In fact, most Russians see nothing wrong with taking or giving bribes for obtaining contracts, for beating the competition, and in general for obtaining what is their legal right. The reason that businesses indulge in corruption is that the government functionaries are corrupt to the core, and since companies have to pay extra for their legitimate rights, they resort to palm greasing for government officials to turn a blind eye to their corrupt business practices.

Besides direct beneficiaries such as those who take bribes and kickbacks, other individuals in the organization benefit in indirect ways such as undeserved bonuses or receiving inflated prices for the stocks that they hold in the company. Although individuals do benefit from corrupt practices, it is the organization that is the main beneficiary.

Besides financial benefits, individuals are also recipients of other benefits which include obtaining personal power over others and over the use of resources that are used for personal advantages. Global corruption increased considerably since Vladimir Putin became president for a second term.

There are several calculations of the real cost of corruption which includes underground economies, unreported income, and several other types of tax dodging. Making money by corruption amounts to as much as 7% in Russia and there has been a change in the way of bribe-taking.

Where previously officials took bribes to allow illegal business activities, now they take bribes to simply allow the business to function in its normal course of business, and according to experts corruption itself has become a business in Russia. Previously businessmen had to pay the Russian mafia protection money to be able to do business, now this practice has been taken over by government officials

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