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Sample Essay on Wikipedia

Essay: One point which should be raised is that details are not provided related to the issues. The issues are identified without any further explanation or reasoning. For instance, according to Wikipedia, the major cause of the great depression was the fall of the stock market, but the reason why it happened is not mentioned. There were many factors that contributed to the great depression and the fall of the stock market was one of them, apart from that the question arises that why did the stock market fall out of the blue.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia is unable to answer this question. Through research, it’s found out that the real reason why the stock market crashed was that in the era of late 1920s there was too much speculation going around which kept the stock market up but it was a sham increase in the market and eventually it leads towards the crash of the market. Another factor of the great depression which I found missing from the Wikipedia article was the imbalance of wealth or the unequal distribution of wealth. This misdistribution of wealth created an unstable economy which also became one of the prime reasons for the turmoil (Gusmorino, 1996).

Another loophole that was found during the analysis was that the Wikipedia article was good and informative but it is very monotonous, which means that questions are raised but they are lacking convincing arguments. Compared to another journal article in that article more convincing arguments with in-depth analysis are presented (Smiley, 2008).

One issue that was raised on the discussion page was Starvation. According to this the great depression caused unemployment, bankruptcy, a collapsed economy, etc but the starvation section is missing, which means that how did the people that were left out unemployed lead their lives?

Apart from that, the article is also tagged with the comments that this article is not representing the worldwide view of the subject. This also shows that further research is also required to improve the article.

As far as the referencing is concerned one major loop whole that was found during the preparation of this paper is that the reference is taken from Encyclopedia Britannica. This really points out fingers at Wikipedia’s credibility as Britannica is the fiercest rival of Wikipedia.

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