It is necessary to carry out important researches of disciplinary methods without delaying to build the facts of the mater without such reason.
Before moving to any disciplinary results there must be an investigation meeting with employees. Inform the problem to the employee, a notification should also be given with some details of the time and place for the disciplinary meeting and make them realize the facts which are accompanied by the meetings.

If an employee’s misconduct is prominently serious, it may always be suitable to directly move to a final and ultimate decision, if the reason has a serious or harmful effect on the organization.

There should be first of sometimes final written notice with a warning in which employee should be informed about how long the warning will last and there is a requirement of improvement and behavior and performances within the time specified by the manager. The employee should also be informed about the consequences which would happen if the warnings given by the manager are not followed.

Some misconducts are so serious and have serious results that they may look for dismissal and don’t pass them a notice of first assault. But a fair and equal process should always be followed.

Conduct a meeting with the employee to discuss or analyze the grievance Make the employee able to take the grievance further if not analyzed

When an employee is not willing to attend the meeting without a reasonable cause the employer should prepare the ultimate decision on the evidence.

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