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Speech on Should Zoos be Banned

Speech on Should Zoos be Banned – Many individuals have debated whether or not zoos should be banned. Zoos, in my opinion, should be prohibited. I have been to and visited many different destinations throughout the world. As an animal enthusiast, I, like most of us here, have always been a fan of zoos. I used to get a kick out of seeing them do feats and getting fed.

My friend works at a zoo, and I once got the chance to observe how these animals are kept after the facility had closed. The indignity with which these poor creatures were handled broke my heart. I inquired about my friend’s ability to remain mute while seeing the atrocities perpetrated upon these helpless creatures.

He said that they don’t have a choice since their livelihood is dependent on how successfully they teach these animals, and in order to do so, they must subject them to harsh procedures and mistreatment. The crew has grown accustomed to the animals’ screams and whinings, and the animals have silently bowed to their masters. It is upsetting to witness how some formidable wild creatures, such as lions and bears, do not even react when their handlers damage them. I also saw the bruises on the feet and bodies of animals like monkeys and apes as a result of the injuries they sustain during their tough training.

Another issue that these creatures face is the cramped conditions in which they are kept. Elephants, giraffes, and other large animals require large expanses to survive, such as forests. These creatures are kept in tiny cages, which has a negative impact on their mental health. They are also tethered, which makes it difficult for them to move about freely. Monkeys that go from tree to tree in the jungle must acclimatize to manufactured environments that take up very little area. These beasts are not even fed properly.

The majority of the animals starve because they do not have access to the food that they are physiologically obligated to consume. Furthermore, live chickens and other fragile creatures are often fed to hungry animals as prey in order to entertain humans. I did want to urge everyone to avoid supporting such actions by paying money to witness the spectacle they put on while harming these terrible creatures. There are a variety of additional ways to view animals.

Many groups have been created to help animal lovers like us by not removing animals from their natural habitats or interfering with their daily lives. They provide secure locations in which visitors may observe animals going about their daily lives. Isn’t it preferable to watch them be forced to do something they don’t want to do? Be caring and welcoming to everybody. They, too, are entitled to a tranquil existence.

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