The sponsorship competition in Ireland is increasing day by day. Most of the established telecommunication organizations in Ireland are offering sponsorships to the football teams. The telecommunication companies like O2, Three and EIR are offering sponsorships to more than one team. Vodafone Group Sustainability Report (2012-2013) showed that the Irish sponsorship market has grown by 5 percent in 2016 and estimated to grow by 7 percent within 2017.
The overseas competitors have also shed their interest in offering sponsorships to the Irish football teams. It is noticed that offering lucrative sponsorships to the selective home teams help the new market entrants to make good promotion. Offering sponsorship to the players is a good and profitable promotional strategy. The sponsorship plans offered by the market competitors are lucrative. The O2 Ireland is offering sponsorship to the West Stands, while the Three is offering sponsorship to the Irish National Football team. On the other hand, Vodafone is offering sponsorship to the IRFU (€ 50m for four years) and RTE.

While the communication companies are spontaneously offering handsome sponsorships to the players, it is also noticed that the sports organizations in different countries are calling auction to get the best sponsorships. The worldwide demand for sponsorships in the sports field is growing rapidly.
The competition of offering sponsorship to the rugby or football team is increasing hugely. The Rugby World Cup played by the best teams and the higher ranked teams achieve the opportunity to have better sponsorships. Both men and women rugby is now influenced by the sponsors. When the company like Vodafone is signing up for RTE, the women rugby event of Australia has sponsored by Aon.
Overseas or emerging companies from various industries are showing interest to offer sponsorships in rugby. Rugby or football is a game, which plays by the most number of countries (~ 200 countries). Therefore, offering sponsorship to this game could be the ultimate promotion for any company.
Competing companies, which are offering higher sponsorships, are getting an advantage to promote their services or products. Therefore, companies, which have a good financial back up can only turn up to offer sponsorships to the players.

Like the other sports organizations in other countries, the Irish sports organizations are also showing their interest to acquire the best sponsorship opportunity. In order to do so, these sports organizations are taking different policies as well as concentrating on the improvement of performances.