There are people who can create trouble once stressed. They do not necessarily need to be drunk to cause trouble but need to relieve themselves of the stress. They will make noise and sing loudly in order to relax. However, with alcohol being served on board, these people can be calmed down by being served with alcohol. They only need a few drinks, and, they feel relaxed. Other passengers cause trouble because they need a small amount of liquor. Without alcohol on board, they will create havoc, as they demand the drinks (Civil Aviation, 2001).

Even though, alcohol on planes has a number of advantages as they cause passengers to relive stress, fear and anxiety, they cause more harm than good. It should be banned on planes to save nondrinkers from the extra expenses. Instead of having problems with the drunken passengers as they mess on flights with a great deal of mess to be cleaned up, it is advisable to ban alcohol. To avoid incidences like those witnessed of passengers fighting, it is advisable that alcohol is banned. This will save the industry from the mess it might get into because of alcohol.

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