The behaviorist model of learning is applicable to the topic. The model focuses on changes in behavior. It talks about how external stimuli influences behavior, leading to behavioral change. It is manifested by the development of skills and training and competence in the particular field of learning.

This topic applies to the model as it focuses on how the two sets of nurses can develop knowledge and skills in areas they were not conversant in before. This will lead to a discernable change in their behavior. They will be able to operate equipment they did not know how to operate and will acquire bedside skills they did not have previously.The training will provide tangible and positive results that will motivate them to take up the training. They will acquire new skills that will lead them to becoming better nurses. Finally, this is an initiative that was motivated by outside parties, not by the nurses themselves. This is inline with what the behaviorist model states, in that external stimuli influences behavior.

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