Sample Term Paper

The business environment in France is very much similar to that of UK and both the business environments can be declared to be compatible with each other as well. However, France is more hierarchical than UK. Organizations in France have hierarchical structure and personnel are placed in the organization in accordance with their intellectual achievements, academic qualifications and logical contributions to the organization rather than age and experience.

France is also said to have more rep-tape procedures as compared to UK. In every business in France, there are a number of policies and procedures to be followed to get a work done. Due to hierarchical structure of organizations, there may be a number of personnel whose authorization may be required therefore each process may take longer time as compared to the business practices in the UK.

Thus, it can be inferred that in order to succeed in the French market, Charlie Crow will have to understand the culture of the country comprehensively. Charlie Crow will have to adjust its business operations in accordance with the French culture in order to be successful in the French market. Initially, the company will have to introduce itself by using French language and it will have to adopt a more formal business environment. The products offered by Charlie Crow include fancy clothing which is suitable for occasions like Christmas and Halloween, and for different events held by schools. Since France is rich in culture, the products of the company may acquire a significant market in the country but from business perspective, French market does not seem to be a perfect choice.

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