Sample Term Paper

Charles Derber speaks about the growing role of business around the world that is establishing itself globally. Brands such as Nike and other big corporations have established presence all over which makes them important players at the top level. As many of the interests coincide with that of governments, this leads to the establishment of relationships of mutual interest which could potentially be disadvantageous to the many that become dependent upon the standardization brought about by the corporations and this leaves massive room for exploitation.

Derber goes even further in terms of saying that this economic relationship between the corporations and governments could soon result in profit becoming the more important objective compared to human welfare and decisions at the top may become skewed in terms of benefiting business more. As the author notes “the vote of the market” may gain increased importance than the vote of the polling booths. As the world nears a point where global brands may become better known than political leaders of various nations, Derber brings to the forefront the question of whether corporate social responsibility can ever function as a suitable alternative to the welfare provided by the state.

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