Sample Term Paper

Coca cola being a global firm has to encounter the intense global challenges. As a matter of a well established reality it has so far proved its integrity in the international market. In order to meet these challenges they have employed the strategy of workforce diversity.

But the standards of motivating its employees are yet standard in a way that they allow their employees to be creative and discover their potential to give the best. The indispensable reason that has cultivated this concept of workforce diversity in the coca cola company is the fact that they do not serve a particular niche but they rather target the masses of the countries of their operation. So in order to satisfy their market they employ the potential individuals from the same country. As being the natives of that region these employees know better how to satisfy that market, as the firm tends to refresh all the people who use their product and similarly the diverse employees of diverse cultures. Besides this diversity the company also encourages the employees to put in their potential as a secret ingredient that will make their work refreshing for them and in turn will make the entire environment of the organization refreshing inducing a positive climate.

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