Sample Term Paper

Rebecca is a single mother who works as a nurse in Dublin and earns approximately 38,000 pounds sterling annually. Her mother takes care of her child but she is not in good health andRebeccathought it will not be possible for her mother to take care of her child but at the same time she does not afford a baby sitter (Chartered Certified Accountants & registered Auditors).

This is a very common case.  Children of single parent household often face problems in later life. They show higher levels of depression and a sense of loss. They also exhibit lower self-concept scores, suffer more injuries and experience more anxiety, behavior problems and academic troubles. They often carry their difficulties to adulthood, showing higher than average level of psychological maladjustment, educational failure, and violent behavior (Amato and Keith, 1991). After the trauma of parental divorce or death, children face another round of emotional trials. As a result, they will show slightly higher rates of problem behaviors such as fighting, poor academic performance, depression and anxiety.

Having a single- parent head of household is an especially strong predictor of dropping out of school (Fitzpatrick & Yoels, 1992). Students from such homes earn lower grades and test scores, partly because single parents are likely to be minority embers and to have low levels of education. Also, single parents (and stepparents) tend to give their children less encouragement and help with schoolwork. The rest of the explanation lies less in such family’s economic circumstances than in the student’s own misbehavior; including absenteeism, lateness, and not doing the homework (Catsambis, 2001).

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