Sample Term Paper

The two most important factors which should be considered when selecting the communication plan for the Prius are

  • First and foremost the product type is of high involvement
  • Secondly it’s in the introduction phase of the product life cycle

Both these factors have a huge impact on the customers buying behavior and hence it is very important that the strategy should be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. As the product is of high cost and it’s not a frequently bought product so the customer’s involvement becomes very high. The customer’s is very cautious in each and every step of the whole process and therefore it is very necessary for a marketer to hit the right spot of the consumer perception and thinking about that particular product (Keyes 2009). In this regard a good strategy could be to highlight the potential benefits that they would be getting after availing the product. Also as the product is in its introduction stage so there in this step also whatever the customer’s perception would become it would stay for a long time. Like for example if the customers have a perception that hybrid cars are less effective in performance then this opinion very likely to go for a long time. This is why from the very early stage the company should position its product in the right area of the consumer’s mind and should remove any barriers which are stopping the customer from buying the product (Burke 2004).

Personal Selling

Another important aspect of the marketing strategy is the personal selling, reason being as we have mentioned before that car comes under the heading of   high involvement product in which customer looks at each and every aspect of the product so more conviction in purchase is required which is provided by personal selling.  Toyota should train the local dealers about the different functionalities of the Prius plus they can also conduct seminars and conferences just too aware the public about the product in this way the customers can ask questions directly to the related personnel and remove any doubts which they have (Taylor 2006).

Similarly Toyota should also use the direct mail in the form of newsletters to create awareness and also inform the customers with the different features of the car. Also direct mail helps when it comes to corporate customers because they want to look at the detailed information of the product (Gutsa 2009).

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