Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: The concept of a hybrid car is not a new one, but with the current environmental situation that the world is facing and the growing awareness in public, hybrid cars have become a big market for the car manufacturers and at the same time it has created a big opportunity for them.

However Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive is different because of the way it works. In conventional hybrid cars the batteries are recharged either through a dynamo or simply by plugging it to a power source. The USP of Toyota Prius lies in the sense that it uses the kinetic energy of the car itself to recharge its batteries. In other cars, this energy goes in waste when brakes are applied. This makes Toyota Prius and the Hybrid Synergy Drive superior to other forms of hybrid technologies. The main component of this system is the Power Split Device which directs the kinetic energy generated during breaking to be restored in the batteries which are located at the rear section of the Toyota Prius (Burke, 2004).

1. Market segmentation

As we have previously stated that the main reason behind the success of Toyota is how it targets its customers. When it comes to hybrid cars the company has segment the market keeping in mind the consumer’s buying behavior which in case of Toyota Prius is pro environmentalist buying behavior.  In order to do so the main objective is to build a strong case for Toyota Prius, this means that targeting the environment friendly customers in a way that they should consider Prius as an environmentally friendly and efficient car (Taylor, 2006).

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