Sample Term Paper

Constructing the capacitor is simple; they are simply made from two plates insulated from each other by a dielectric. Often the value of the capacitor is determined by the area of the plates, the distance between them, and the dielectric constant of the insulator.

In order to have a high capacitance the area of the plates is increased.  The distance between plates is also reduced, this is because the voltage on the capacitor is given by V=Ed, therefore when d increases, the voltage increases. In order for the capacitance Q to increase, voltage must increase, as seen in C=Q/V, hence C=Q/Ed. The dielectric material has a high dielectric constant, the capacitance increases. This can be obtained from the equation,, where A is the area of the plates, d is the distance of separation and er , is the permeability of the dielectric material Radio Electronics (n.d).

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