Sample Term Paper

Apart from quantitative and qualitative research approaches, there are two wider aspects of research that are used by various researchers as well as organizations to conduct their researches. These aspects of researches are deductive and inductive approaches. The deductive research approach is taken by making a detailed overview of a specific hypothesis. Usually, this is performed by first declaring the objective of the research and then proceeding to make a comprehensive and focused statement for the purpose of research. After this, the research then moves forward and at the end of the research the hypothesis is either accepted or rejected. The subject of the research is tested as well as examined to determine the implications involved.

This approach is often used in research with exact sciences such as physics or chemistry as the subjects. The deductive reasoning is also sometime called a top-down approach as the research with deductive approach moves from general to a more specific conclusion. The steps involved in deductive approach are illustrated below:

The inductive approach to research, on the other hand, follows a bottom up approach and as a result generalized conclusions are developed at the end of the research. Inductive approach to research can also be seen as a type of theory-building, as specific facts are used to build a theory which describes the relationships between the facts while allowing for the prediction of future knowledge. The steps involved in inductive reasoning can be illustrated as….

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