Sample Term Paper

For organizations to satisfy these links or channels to gain a committed CSR plan there must be diversity in the organization. Diversity implies the broad skills, knowledge, and personality in the business process (Stanwick, 2005).

The use of diversity to increase commitment to CSR implies that organizations are ready to open their doors to various business processes, personality types, knowledge and skills. Diversity can be attained from employees, who provide the key for the organization to remain competitive in the community and in its industry (Donnelly, Quirin & O’Bryan, 2000). This is because by increasing diverse awareness, organizations can gain social grace from their communities. This is best attained by organizations providing communities equal opportunity for qualified individuals to join their workforce (Vakola & Nikolaou, 2005). Organizations that seek employees from their local community, by diversifying and overlooking differences in sex orientation, race, religion affiliation, gender and age, increase their CSR. To show their commitment to their local communities, organizations can increase their CSR role by recruiting employees and new talent from every diverse community within their area of operation (Wilson, 2003). This factor shows the level of empathy organizations have towards solving social issues like unemployment and job discrimination.

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