Sample Term Paper

It takes a lot to set up and run business successfully in the current world. As such, even companies that started operations decades ago have to continually restructure and reformulate their strategies. Marketing is a core factor in the business life. This paper looks at Tesco, a company based in the U.K but with operations internationally. It explores the company by looking into some of its features such as:

  • The history of the company from the 1919 when it was started by Jack Cohen to date and its organizational structure
  • The various products that the company deals in such as foodstuff, furniture, DVD rental, clothing, stationery among others.
  • Market analysis where a detailed analysis of competitors will be given.  Both local and international competitors such as Wal Mart, Asad and Cadbury’s are analyzed. Light is shed on how these competitors have helped in reshaping Tesco over the years.

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