Sample Term Paper

Ever since it was discovered that the basic of human characteristics lay in the chemical composition of genes, man has been striving to get control over their previously thought to be inherited characteristics.

Genetic engineering in agriculture, called biotechnology and human genetic engineering are indeed one of the greatest scientific discoveries, which promise to be a cure for many diseases and personality defects, but are they really what they appear to be?

While genetically engineered seeds and produce might have longer lives, or more resistance to certain pests or ills, this modification might lead them to have harmful side effects, among which is the increased risk of multiplication of diseases and allergies, that might combine together from one or the other DNA donor sources. This might also be the case with humans, where modification could prevent one disease, but might trigger others that have not been encountered before.

Genetic engineering has its pros and cons. While people might think it to be a panacea for all human troubles, they are wrong. There are many problems that can arise due to this. Foremost is the fact that the experiment could go wrong and if it is in the case of humans, scientists might be responsible for the destruction of someone’s life. In addition to this, because of genetic engineering some harmful crops such as tobacco might be improved and thus lead to a negative environmental and health impact. This technology when used for the wrong purposes can cause much more damage than it is worth.

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