Sample Term Paper

Personally I think that genetic engineering is a huge leap in science, but as with every invention and every discovery, this too has its limitations and should be used with extreme caution. While what is natural is best, considering the revival or organic food, genetic modification can help in many ways and it does not constitute messing with ‘mother nature’, instead it helps us marvel at the wondrous blessings all around us.

If human genetic modification can help counter diseases such as Down’s syndrome or other hereditary diseases, it should be done as an option of last resort, when you know that the baby is going to suffer. However, when there are other options available, that do not alter the chemical composition of a human, these should be used. However when we are considering altering human characteristics so that they are less paranoid, or scared, we should know that there are some traits of personality that are developed by learning and external stimuli that have nothing to do with anyone’s genetic make-up. But if there are traits that a person wants to change, then it should be left up to that individual. The government should treat genetic modification as it treats other medical options that people have. They are their own choice, and no one has a right to interfere. Although it should be highly regulated, as far as options are concerned because it is experimental at this stage and there are no guarantees of results per se.

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