In his article “The New Mandate for Human Resources” Ulrich (1998) noted that,

“In the new economy, winning will spring from organizational capabilities such as speed, responsiveness, agility, learning capacity, and employee competence.

Successful organizations will be those that are able to quickly turn strategy into action, to manage processes intelligently and efficiently, to maximize employee contribution and commitment; and to create the conditions for seamless change”.

The fundamental goal of company B is to deliver a high level of service standards that exceeds guests’ expectations. It also aims to provide the most conducive environment to management and staff so that they can guarantee fulfilling returns on investment for the investors. This company has located its businesses mostly in remote areas where the business thrives due to strategic location of attraction sites. It therefore as part of organisation’s mission, has the interest of the local communities to safeguard their environment against pollution and erosion of traditions and culture.

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