Sample Term Paper

This habit has also been highly helpful for me. The first two habits are not that useful without having this third habit. This habit has taught me how to manage time and how to set goals at personal level. Short term goals work as the gradual steps towards the ultimate goal as well the motivating factors for me. Covey has described this habit so well in his book. It provides a clear idea about what is required of a person in order to achieve his ultimate goal.

The next three habits described by Covey are about effectively working with others. The fourth habit described by Covey is, ‘Think Win-Win’. Normally people seek for their own benefit only instead for even thinking about an alternative that can be acceptable by the person himself and the opponent. By adopting this habit, a person cultivates a habit of thinking about mutual benefits instead of trying to achieve one-sided benefit. Win-Win is a higher alternative to Win-Lose because it makes it easy for two individuals to work together. According to Covey Win-Win is the habit of interpersonal leadership. This is the basic habit if a person wants to develop leadership skills and have faithful co-workers. By adopting this habit, a person starts to build relationships and gaining trust from others. These factors are highly important if a person wants to be a successful leader. A leadership can be successful only when the people following the leadership are sincere and committed, which is possible only when the leader is trusted by them.

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