Sample Term Paper

Lottie’s marital life is far more successful than Hagar’s which causes the resentment in Hagar’s heart to deepen. As time grows, Hagar’s son fully completes the cliché of ‘pride comes before a fall’ when he decides to marry Lottie’s daughter Arlene.

Hagar, whose life has been filled with tragedies of great magnitude on their own, suffers a greater tragedy of her pride falling before childhood resentment. When John is drunk and falls prey to a fight, Arlene Simmons, Lottie’s daughter, drives him home. Instead of appreciating Arlene’s love for John, she scolds John, “If you wanted to make it completely impossible for me ever to hold my head up again in this town, you’ve certainly succeeded” (Laurence, p. 199) because she finds out that Lottie and Telford Simmons had both seen John’s fiasco.

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