Sample Term Paper

Hagar recalls Lottie that she “preened a little, and glowed, mother of peacocks, queen-maker, Rapunzel’s dam” (Laurence, p. 211). She knew Lottie took great pride in her only child, Arlene. And Hagar felt her counterpart’s pride to be a mark against her own. From the combination of jealousy and a thick stock of pride, Hagar is doomed to dislike Lottie forever. She says, “every joy I might have held in my man or any child of mine or even the plain light of morning…all were forced to a standstill by some break of proper appearances…When did I ever speak the heart’s truth” (Laurence, p. 292).

Lottie’s relationship with Hagar is never meant to move towards positive grounds since there is far too much animosity that Hagar has built within herself for everyone. The relationship’s significance in the novel is a reminder to the reader of the deeply settled pride of Hagar Shipley and her numbness to the emotion existing outside that pride.

“I was alone, never anything else, and never free, for I carried my chains within me, and they spread out from me and shackled all I touched” (Laurence, p. 292).

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