Focusing on quality management programs, organization leaders and managers can monitor the success on the scope of projects running within the program. They can achieve this by setting objectives and goals for projects within the program (MEDITECH, n.d.). Such a move creates a streamlined focus for the organization’s goals. Setting a specified implementation time frame also enhances efficiency of the programs. Leaders can also come with performance criteria that ensure the projects within the program meet set standards. Recording actions and outcomes also enhances efficiency of the quality programs.

In risk management programs, healthcare leaders can closely monitor injuries or incidents suffered by patients and staff by working hand-in-hand with other hospital teams to ensure that risks are managed effectively. This can be achieved through the provision of crucial data and information pertaining to patients and staff to the teams mandated with the task of implementing the program. Leadership can also boost risk management programs by providing the necessary recourses to foster innovations and change within the organization to minimize risks.

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