“These series of murals, taken as a whole, represents the idea that all actions and ideas are one” (Rivera, 1999, p. 66). Even though the series was criticized way back before the painting was over, Rivera considers it among his most successful paintings. It was considered by critics as Marxist propaganda and after it was completed, it was criticized by Episcopalian and Catholic clergy as supposed blasphemy.

Additionally, the series was considered un-American and vulgar by the Detroit News making it win more visitors, around 10,000 in a single Sunday leading to the rise of its budget.

Even though the series was meant to show the technology levels at Ford Motor Company, critics had different opinions on the images painted. On the North, there is a panel showing a Christ-Like child image with a horse on the right while in Christian tradition, it ought to be a donkey. The doctor image is thought to be Joseph, the nurse as Mary administering a vaccination of the child, Jesus. This shows that a research experiment was being carried on while since it is considered the holy family in the Bible, it is critically interpreted as parody instead of homage (Foard & Rivera, 2003).

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