Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: DSL is perhaps the most widely use technology for Internet service in the US. This is because the high speed Internet enabled by DSL technology allows the user to experience and share rich multimedia content in way which was never possible before. With the help of DSL, Internet users are able to view, share and create multimedia content which helps them in effectively getting their point across.

It is because of broadband Internet enabled by DSL and likewise technology which have turned social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube into massive success. The use of DSL is not restricted to websites only. DSL enables its user to voice and video chat with their friends and family who also have broadband connection. Furthermore, broadband DSL connection also enable the streaming of contents which means that its users are able to view live videos and listen to high quality music without downloading it.  The use of DSL technology in office is also productive. Broadband DSL connections are widely used for video conferencing between different offices of an organization. Furthermore, it also enables the sharing of resources between different offices through creation of a Virtual Private Network (DSL) over DSL (Comer).

A number of DSL service providers exist to cater both residential and commercial sectors in the US. Residential servicer providers include Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, while Commercial providers include Speakeasy and Covad. Residential rates for DSL start at around $20 and go up to $50 with speed up to 7.1 Mbps in the downlink (Verizon).  The business DSL rates average around $69 for up to 15Mbps  downlink connection, however, the price of Symmetric DSL offered to businesses only can go up to $130 (Speakeasy).


The biggest rival of the DSL technology is Cable. The biggest advantage offered by Cable is that its signals do not degrade with distance, as in the case of DSL. While DSL only allows the user to use the telephone line and the Internet simultaneously, Cable offer much higher speeds and supports the transmission of HDTV signals while also allowing for high speed Internet connectivity. Furthermore, the technology advancement has also led companies to look at wireless alternatives. In this regard, the new WiMAX standard has gained a lot of interest from companies as it combines the benefits of broadband connectivity and speedy deployment (Morreale and Terplán).

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