Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: The Uninitialized Memory Corruption Vulnerability which has been given the ID of CVE-2010-0247 is a vulnerability which given an attacker the ability to remotely execute code (CWE Website 2010). Any attackers who are successfully able to exploit this vulnerability can gain the same right to the system as the current logged-in user. This implies that the user who posses account with restricted rights to the system would be less impacted than those who have administrative access.

The vulnerability allows the attacker to execute code which could result in the attacker gaining complete control of the system (IBM Security Systems 2010). The attacker may then use the system to install program, manipulate data on the system as well as change administrative rights of the user or create new accounts. The system then can also be used as a drone to carry out a denial of service attack on other systems (Microsoft Corporation 2010).

This vulnerability has been classified as Critical by Multiple website which includes CVE, Microsoft, Security Focus and National Vulnerability Database Website (Security Focus 2010). Since the vulnerability can lead to a takeover of a computer, it poses a severe threat to organization using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows as part of their business. These also include large multinationals and also government organization which use Windows operating system as key part of their IT infrastructure, some which is used to deal with confidential and top secret information.

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