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Term Paper: Often traffickers are part of an organized group or criminal network that recruits children and supply them with fake identification. The organized crime groups include Nigerian, Chinese and European groups.

Africa has already provided a fertile land for tourists to gain a good amount of such illegal business. A large number of gangs are involved in coercing the children to have sex with the overseas sea men. Such gangs are no longer just ordinary gangs but those people who are actually funded by the international agencies who support the child sex tourism in poor African states. These gangs smuggled children all around the world and bring them to brothels where they are forced to involve in underage prostitution with the prospective clients. If any of the girls reject to have sex then the gang member or the pimp orders to kill the girl. The perpetrators of child sex tourism and child trafficking belong to different motifs and origins. The scope of such gangs is transnational leading into vast network for earning billions out of the sex tourism (Agbu).

On the analysis of Governmental reactions, results show that the democratically elected politicians had failed to achieve any success in countering these gangs and agencies which are taking active part in the child sex tourism in Africa. The democratic regime of the African states is equally involved in the enhancement of child sex tourism business by funding escort agencies, massage parlors and night clubs that are regarded as the prime attractions of the tourists who come to Cape Town. Government does not keep a check on such places where the child sex tourism is actually organized (Innocenti Insight).

Almost all the countries of the world are greatly affected by the child sex tourism as it is transnational in scope. The government of all states must bring and organize the operations through effective and strategic planning and discussion regarding the methods to eliminate the problem. The task is complicated but with the help of non-governmental organizations it could be solved to a great extent (UNODC).

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