Sample Essay

The highlighting of exceptional instances by Mahtani in her paper also raises this issue and the need of highlighting of such instances in order to make people think about the issue and to show them that individual difference can transform into something significant. I totally agree with Ms. Mahtani on the idea that the performances by some women who rework their identities create “emotional and psychic earthquakes” by disrupting the social values associated with how race is perceive, these performances may reinvest racial ideals.

I also totally agree with the fact that it would be false to assume that all such performances can challenge binary and oppositional modes of racial identification. With regards to Ms. Thomas, I agree with the author on the fact that people often do not recognize the banality of racial production and racist practice, despite their practices. I also totally agree with Ms. Thomas that in society, people are constrained by their identifications and social positioning and that race stills remains at the heart of the spaces they perform in, and also that it is important to understand how people come to accept and reproduce the same authority of race that the constitute the social and spatial meaning (Barker, 2008).

Though both articles look at racism from different perspective, the thing that links them together is the performance. It is through performance in a spatial setting that social function of racism takes place. Both papers can be compared to each other as both papers cover the issue from completely different angles, with Ms. Thomas providing discussing how and why such performances take place while Ms. Mahtani discusses the reaction of such performances. There are several similarities as well that exist between the two reading such as both paper emphasize the fact that in a society, the boundaries of classes are policed by certain people which encourage the racialization among society. Furthermore, both papers mention the fact that people in the society commit racial practices, despite their wariness of racism and that they do not recognize the banality of such activities.

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