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Term Paper: Furthermore the white privilege was established and it was promoted with the exercise of using personal power over the blacks. They were settled for being white means that a mindset was created that whites are superior and it is the whites that are controlling the economics system, the political system, and the judicial system and ultimately they have to protect the benefits of being white.

Another shameful indenture that showed the culture of white privilege at that time was that the whites were given the authority to beat any black if they fail to show proper respect to them, and this also included those blacks also who the whites didn’t own. The white servants were given relaxation at work like they were given lighter tasks and some time to rest. Also the blacks were deprived to own their families and rather than slave husbands the owners controlled the slaves’ wives.

In that situation the landless whites were little satisfied as they had the privilege over the blacks but the satisfaction was not there and the primary reason for that was that they were facing landlessness and hunger. Rebellion and rebellions attempts came common every after many years of the Bacon’s rebellion which were manly lead by the landless Europeans (Wellman, 1993).

This mindset still prevailed for decades where the basic rights of the blacks were exploited by their owners. Frantz Fanon in his book The wretched of the earth writes “ Because it is a systematized negation of the other, a frenzied determination to deny the other any attribute of humanity, colonialism forces the colonized to constantly ask the question: “Who am I in reality? (Fanon, 2005, p. 182)”

The above mentioned lines tell the whole story of what was the ground reality as far as the rights of the blacks were concerned. The whites used to take advantage of their whiteness and blacks were considered as inhuman. They use to degrade them at such an extent that the blacks used to question themselves about their creation or reason of existence (Fanon, 2005).

In short it could be said that Racism is seen as a system of exclusion of one set of people and privilege of another set of people that are living in the same society. It also means providing social advantage to one class of the society over the other class. History tells us that racism has laid the foundation of numerous rebellions against the ruling class and what could prevent them from unity to fight them is the end of racial slavery.

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