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Green Marketing Essay

Green Marketing Essay Green Marketing Essay – Green Marketing means the marketing of consumer products that are deemed to be safe for the environment, according to the American Marketing Association. So, green marketing can be seen to cover a wide range of tasks such as the modification of products, changing the production process, changes to […]

Essay on Dark Tourism

Essay on Dark Tourism Essay on Dark Tourism – Dark tourism can be viewed in a variety of methods. It generates different multiple feelings while visiting the dark side. The perception of idealism can be produced by visiting a battlefield where the visitor can think of battling for a particular reason. Tourists feel sympathy for […]

Essay on Global corruption issues

The Connection of Corruption Corruption is connected with various other issues. At a global level, corruption in firms has had a very large part in the creation of current globalization and at a local level corruption has had a very deep impact because it has destabilized the participation of deserving people in getting their rights […]

Term Paper on Welding Fumes

Welding fumes is a collection of very small particles formed by the condensation of molten metal fumes, slag and coating electrodes. The most harmful secretions include manganese oxides, organic cause of nervous system diseases, lung, liver, and blood; silicon compounds, causing as a result of inhalation of silicosis; chromium compounds capable of accumulating in the […]

Research Paper on Technological Feasibility of Liquefied Natural Gas

Technology that allows the use of Liquefied Natural Gas is not new as it is in use from last 40 years. Around 360 LNG carriers are using Boil-Off Gas (BOG) for ship propulsion. Also, there are no serious incidents revealing an excellent record of safety. The technology has been tested on more 34 vessels fuelled […]

Waste Minimization

Our world faces serious problem related to pollution. Our living style affects our mother earth unfavorably. Our factories, vehicles, excessive use of air conditioner and a huge amount of garbage production have wounded our world. Serious measures have to be taken in order to reduce pollution. One of these measurements is Waste minimization. Waste minimization […]


Overpopulation is a problem that is getting serious day by day. Overpopulation is a term that refers to an undesirable condition in which the population density increases to such an extent that it causes different problems. This paper will focus on main causes of overpopulation and its effects.

Term Paper: Proteins are the Building Blocks for the Muscles

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles for an athlete‚Äôs body. It is these muscles which provide the athlete with the capability to perform well when on the tracks and on the fields. It is therefore very important that the young teenage athletes take a lot of proteins in their food to help them build […]