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Sample Term Paper – Lack of Information

Term Paper: One of the main methods through which lack of information classification can be exploited is Intrusion. The firewall on the Alpha Corporation’s network cannot guarantee a full protection against external intrusion as vulnerabilities such as poorly configured ACL list, allowing Internal network applications such as browsers to accept connections from the Internet and Trojans in the internal network can easily are exploited from external attackers to bypass the firewall.

Hence if an external attacker is able to successfully bypass the firewall, it would then be able to access the information systems very easily provided the attacker has knowledge on implementation of internal network. Alpha Corporation also lacks the implementation of regulations and policies through which the identity of a computer user, when accessing data, can be established.

Lack of Information

All computers systems are accessible over the network and do not require a password or any other user specific information to establish if an access to a particular piece of information should be allowed for a particular user or not.

This lack of authentication also means that if an attack is carried out on information systems from within the network, it would be very difficult to find out the culprit as all users are able to use any system within the company.

Furthermore, since an employee or user of information system may be unaware of the importance of a particular piece of information, social engineering can be used to extract confidential or highly sensitive data from the company’s system by making the user believe that the information provided is unimportant or useless.

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