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Term Paper: The Wikipedia page that has been chosen for this particular assignment is named Great Depression. As the name suggests the page mainly deals with the advent of the Great depression, its causes, the effected countries, political consequences, social movements and then the recovery process.

At the beginning like most of the articles this page also gives an introduction of the topic. Basically the great depression was a rigorous worldwide economic crisis that prior to the World War II.

The specific timing of the great depression could not be judged but it started in 1929 and lasted till the early part of 1940’s.

It was initiated when United States stock market crashed on October 29, 1929 which is also known as the Black Tuesday.  The crash which originated in the United States quickly extended to the other parts of the world creating a great chaos among the general public.


The great depression had a devastating effect on almost every country no matter rich or poor. The reason why it created so much of a fuss was because it haunted the general public.

Personal incomes, profits, and revenues dropped at a significant level. Due to such economic unrest unemployment increased dramatically. In the United States it went close to 25 % and in other countries it was almost touching 35%. The sectors that were damaged the most included the heavy industrial sector and the agriculture sector.

It has been explained quiet well by Wikipedia, all the aspects are addressed like the causes its consequences with proper facts and figure.

Diagrams and charts are used to give a better understanding of the topic and the issues related to it. All the causes of the great depression are discussed in detail with the help of definitions of the key terms that gives the reader an inside about the topic.


Well to be honest this article on Wikipedia covers all aspects related with the great depression. Ample information is provided but one area that I found out missing was the critical review by scholars or other learned people.

Like for instance at other sources the critical review or personal experiences and observations regarding the great depression were also included but this is one area which is lacking from Wikipedia. The sources and the quotes that are used in this particular paper are all very credible and correct.

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